Trondossa Music & Arts Festival

May 16 & 17th, 2020

Riverfront Park

North Charleston, South Carolina

Artist Spotlight: The Wood Brothers

Artist Spotlight: The Wood Brothers

The Wood Brothers are one of our true favorites. Such a joy to see perform, TWB give us the true honot of having them as part of the #Trondossa2019 lineup. Their latest album, One Drop of Truth, was recently nominated for a Grammy for Best Americana Album. Here’s a bit more on the record:

“‘It’s the freest album we’ve done, the most independent album we’ve done, and was the most fun we’ve ever had making a record,’ says Oliver Wood. ‘And most importantly, this is the most purely Wood Brothers’ album we’ve ever made.’

“Indeed, The Wood Brothers’ sixth outing, One Drop of Truth, dives headfirst into a deep wellspring of sounds, styles, and influences. Whereas their previous outings have often followed a conceptual and sonic through-line, here the long-standing trio featuring brothers Oliver and Chris Wood along with Jano Rix treat each song as if it were its own short film. The plaintive, country-folk of the album’s opening track “River Takes The Town” gives way to the The Band-esque Americana soul of ‘Happiness Jones’. The wistful ballad ‘Strange As It Seems’ floats on a cloud of stream of consciousness, standing in stark contrast to ‘Sky High’—a Saturday night barnburner built upon stinging slide guitar funk. ‘Seasick Emotions’ is rife with turmoil, yet ‘Sparkling Wine’ is jaunty and carefree. The end result is undeniably The Wood Brothers’ most dynamic recording to date.”

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