Trondossa Music & Arts Festival

May 16 & 17th, 2020

Riverfront Park

North Charleston, South Carolina

2019 Food Lineup

2019 Food Lineup

Music for the soul also needs food for the belly! Our mouths water every time we look over this year’s lineup of #Trondossa 2019 Food Vendors!

BKeD Shop
CornDog, Inc
Damianos Wood Fried Pizza
Hebros Kitchen
Herd Provisions
Island Noodles
King of Pops
Lews Barbeque
Life Raft Treats
Mac Daddy
Pizza Nova
Rebel Taqueria
Roti Rolls
Tres Palmas Acai

Our food vendors have tons of options for those who are restricted by their diets, as well:

  • BKeD shop has vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free donuts
  • Corndog Inc has vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian corndogs
  • Hebros Kitchen has falafel that is vegan.
  • Island Noodles have yaki soba noodles with local veggies that are vegan
  • King of Pops have vegan, veggie, and gluten-free gourmet popsicles
  • Life Raft Treats have gluten free and dairy free cold, sweet treats
  • Pizza Nova has gluten-free personal pan pizzas.
  • Platia Food Truck has a Greek salad that can be made vegan and vegan falafel.
  • Roti Rolls has Indian fusion wraps that are vegan and vegetarian
  • Tres Palmas Acai has smoothies and acai bowls that can be made vegan.
  • We have two coffee options: BKeD for cold brew coffee and Tres Palmas Acai for iced coffee.

Our expansive array of food carts and vendors complete with a wide array of drink options will keep you sustained and grinning throughout the weekend! Learn more about each food option over on the Eats page.

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