Trondossa Music & Arts Festival

May 16 & 17th, 2020

Riverfront Park

North Charleston, South Carolina

Artist Spotlight: The Nude Party

Artist Spotlight: The Nude Party

The Nude Party is a six-piece band that met in their dormitory at Appalachian State in Boone, NC. Where did the name come from, you ask? Believe it or not they claimed the name from actually playing naked during their college years. Their music is described as “an unmistakable mix of indie, folk, psych and good old-fashioned rock and roll.”

When the band performs together you can sense their undeniable friendship that has strengthened over the years. After college, the six of them moved to Catskill Mountains into the home of Oakley Munson of the Black Lips. Munson not only serves as the band’s landlord, but also as producer of their The Nude Party. They’ve been learning how to play their instruments together since they were teens, and this debut album really shows off the developing sound and unique aesthetic the group has crafted over the years. With influences such as The Kinks, Velvet Underground and classic rock bands, The Nude Party has created their own individual, funky vibe that the crowd can not only hear, but also feel when the brothers jam on stage.

The Nude Party performs Saturday May 16th at Trondossa.

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